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The New Generation Youth Centre - DR Climbing Walls

The New Generation Youth Centre

23rd November 2012

Our climbing wall at the newly built 'TNG' (The New Generation) youth centre in Sydenham, London has been completed!

The climbing wall, constructed from birch plywood panels and timber framing, complements the building perfectly as its structure is almost entirely made from wood.

The youth centre is still under construction meaning users won't be able to get their hands on the wall just yet, however, it is scheduled for completion in 'winter 2012/13' so not long to wait now.

A great new year's gift for the local youths!

Wigan Youth Zone - DR Climbing Walls

Wigan Youth Zone

19th November 2012

We are pleased to announce that the final OnSide North-West climbing wall has been installed at Wigan Youth Zone!

Throughout the course of this year DR Climbing walls have worked alongside the charity 'OnSide' to bring fantastic climbing walls to a small number of brand new youth zones in the North-West of England.

The climbing wall at WYZ is no exception. It is the biggest climbing wall out of all of the projects and is sure to be a centrepiece at the new youth zone!

The site is currently still under construction and is not due to open to the public until spring 2013 so the users will have to wait a while before they can use their new 10m high climbing wall!

We will have more photos in the spring so stay tuned!

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Isle of Sheppey Academy - DR Climbing Walls

Isle of Sheppey Academy

26th October 2012

The traversing wall at the Isle of Sheppey Academy has been completed!

The traversing wall stretches a massive 29 metres in length, providing a challenge for even the most seasoned climbers!

All of the bolt on hold placements are installed directly into the brickwork. A great solution for those who want a traversing wall on a tight budget.

The routes can be climbed in both directions and with three different coloured routes to choose from, the students should never run out of challenges. Plenty of extra holds encourage users to make up their own traversing problems, further adding to the potential climbing possibilities.

We hope the Isle of Sheppey Academy enjoy using their new traversing wall!

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St. Cuthbert's Catholic High School - DR Climbing Walls

St. Cuthbert's Catholic High School

28th September 2012

The bouldering wall at St. Cuthbert's Catholic High School has been finished and is ready for use!

Thanks to our design and manufacturing process we were able to offer the highest quality bouldering wall utilising the most modern multifaceted design techniques for a very competitive price!

The tailor designed wall encompasses all the fun features a bouldering wall needs into the compact space specified by the client. With a variety of angles focusing mainly on vertical and overhanging climbing, the bouldering wall is the ideal "blank canvas" for route setters ensuring there will always be imaginative and fun climbing to be had.

This wall also features a unique hinged folding crash mat system which we designed in order to free up space in the sports hall when the bouldering wall is not in use. The mats were also split into sections to make them easier to manoeuvre. Photos with these mats in place are soon to come!

We hope St. Cuthbert's enjoy using their climbing wall!

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The Bushey Academy - DR Climbing Walls

The Bushey Academy

19th September 2012

Our climbing wall at The Bushey Academy in Hertfordshire has been completed and it looks great!

DR Climbing Walls have worked hard at reducing the design and manufacturing costs associated with these modern, multifaceted climbing walls, making them available to everyone and not just larger projects. Thanks to our optimised design process and skilled manufacturing team we have been able to make this state-of-the-art style climbing wall affordable, even at these smaller scales!

The variety in changes of angle creates both an exciting wall to climb AND look at! Meanwhile, the crack, tufa route and sentry box also provide extra features to practise all the skills typically encountered when climbing.

We worked closely with the main contractor, Kier, in order to complete the installation swiftly, achieving the full completion in less than two weeks.

Unfortunately, the site is still under construction, so for now the students will have to wait a little longer to use their new climbing wall.

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Westminster School - DR Climbing Walls

Westminster School

13th August 2012

One of our big projects for the summer has been finished!

Westminster School now has a superb bouldering facility located inside Lawrence Hall. It even includes six climbing lines to practice top roping and leading!

The climbing wall is split into two sections which provide all types of climbing ranging from challenging overhangs to technical vertical and slab sections. There are a huge number of changes in angle too, which not only look great but ensure that the climbing will continue to be interesting and allow future route setting to remain inventive and fun.

The building is Grade II listed which provided some tricky challenges during the design and manufacture stages of the project. However, we worked closely with the Heritage Collective to make certain our climbing wall didn't affect the building's listed status.

We are positive that the school will enjoy their new climbing. Bring on the new term!

You can find information on all aspects of this project from start to finish in our CASE STUDY section.

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Newman R.C. College - DR Climbing Walls

Newman R.C. College

29th June 2012

The summer has got off to a flying start with the completion of our wall at the new Newman RC College in Oldham!

We even completed the installation ahead of schedule in 9 days instead of the anticipated 10, despite problems on site due to the heavy rain.

We'll be back to add the finishing touches when construction on site is finished.

Manufacture has already started on the next project!

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The start of a busy summer - DR Climbing Walls

The start of a busy summer!

20th June 2012

We are now on site at the first project of what is going to be a busy summer!

To start off the season we are at the huge new build that is Newman RC College in Oldham, where we will spend the next 10 days installing their new climbing wall.

Keep visiting to find out what's under the cover!

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Case Study - DR Climbing Walls

Case Study Blog

10th May 2012

We are keen to introduce our new blog dedicated to bringing you updates on a new project for a climbing wall in central London!

Our aim is to showcase all of the work that go into one of our bespoke climbing and bouldering walls.

Keep checking our blog for all the latest news and see what DR International Climbing Walls can do for you.

Head over to our case study blog HERE

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DR Climbing Walls through the years.

History - DR Climbing Walls through the years

22nd March 2012

Take a step back in time and have a look at some interesting projects that were completed over the years!

It's interesting how climbing wall design has changed over the years...and peoples sense of fashion!

Head over to our history gallery HERE or click on our 'History' tab at the top of the page.

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