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Military Climbing Walls

In consultation with the end user we can design and build climbing walls for a multitude of activities and uses.

We have experience of building climbing walls for basic training, and advanced skills such as vertical movement of men and equipment (field training).

We can also design a wall for recreational climbing either indoors or out to suit requirements.

Military climbing walls built by DR International Climbing walls

  • Hyde Park Barracks
  • Regents Park Barracks
  • Tidworth P & RTC
  • Dersingham
  • HAC Finsbury Barracks
  • Fort George
  • Stirling Lines
  • Deverell Barracks
  • Whittington Barracks
  • Woodbridge Airfield
  • RM Condor
  • Vimy Barracks
  • RAF Kinloss

Why choose us?

With over 30 years experience of designing climbing walls we have the experience to help design and implement your ideas into reality. We offer a one stop solution, consultation, design, manufacture and build, all overseen by the man who invented the climbing wall.

Call us

We are happy to discuss any questions you may have, just drop us an email at or call us on 0113 284 2369.